About Me

You ever find the perfect dress, and then scoff at the price tag or size?

Well, I did not even wear dresses, or skirts, or shorts. In a say something positive project in high school, 90% of my class said I love black. Funny enough, my favorite color was and still is blue. Blue as in the guy jeans I wore with my large hand-me-down black hoodies. Even though I watched America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway, and even What Not To Wear, I still committed fashion crime over and over again.

And now I am trying to change that. Well, not now, I have been trying to change that for years. At least, I now wear pants for women. However, that does not guarantee anything.

I am using the internet and the television as my fashion guide. I also have to be thrifty and creative considering my limited budget. I am a full time student, and I work part time at a local gas station.


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