Stealing the Youngsters’ Sneakers


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Actually, I am not stealing shoes. More like, I find myself accidentally copying a younger person. My youngest sister, who is a preteen, seems to actually be popular, especially with her style. I have seen her get clothes that oppose the current trend, and then weeks later, I see other people from her school wearing the same thing. I have even heard her described as cool and such from others her age.

Why do I seem so flabbergasted? She is the youngest of seven children. The only one that could have been considered stylish in school was my step-sister. My older sister was considered Goth. I wore oversized hoodies and guy jeans. My other younger sister, inbetween the youngest and I, was considered Emo. Even the youngest’s other side of the family (we only share the same father) is lacking in the style department.

But she is cool.

And I am copying her. Not even intentionally.

I have been aware of these high top sneaker wedges (that is my official term for them) for a couple of months. And I did not quite like the taste of them (yes, taste). However, when I went window shopping with the cool, younger sister, she fell in love with them. Adorable she calls them. And now my view has flipped one-eighty.

Why? No clue. They seem chic, punk, and retro all at the same time now. And I find myself stalking them for a discount pair that still rocks.

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